Compressing perspective, creating depth

Do you sometimes feel your landscapes just lack depth, that the picture you took with that wide angle is just not right. Well, maybe the answer is to use a longer lens. Similarly, your portraits seem to just capture to much of the surrounding scene. Again, switch to a longer focal length, isolate your subject from the distracting backgrounds and watch the magic happen.


Above is beautiful and photogenic Suvera, photographed in a playground, and I really had problems with a very distracting background, so I switched to my trusty 80-200f2.8 lens and snapped this one at 125mm, notice how the background just melted. (D610, 1/100sec, ISO100 and f2.8)


Another example, where I knew that the same scene just would not work with a wide angle lens. This one was taken with my manual focus 105mm f2.5 AI-s lens. (D610, 1.3 sec, f11, ISO100, tripod).

So, be brave, take a fresh look at that longer lens just wasting away in your cupboard.

Till next time.




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