London 2016 whirlwind trip

When this opportunity arose, my 1st thought was, should I take the big heavy full frame camera or the superb Lumix point and shoot, and wisely I settled on the full frame camera, as I my thoughts where that I most likely won’t be in London again for a while so I wanted the best possible pictures to bring home.

So, I packed, Nikon D610, Nikon 24mm and 50mm f1.4 lens, Gitzo travel tripod and a polarising filter.

Much thought went into what I wanted to photograph, and the answer was to do the bridges at night, nice long, low ISO work off the ever sturdy Gitzo, but I forgot it was London, and the rain spoiled my party…… Lesson learned, Next time take big umbrella, and no not a flash umbrella, the type that keeps the rain off you.

Anyway, herewith the pictures I managed, and BTW, a polarising filter is just essential equipment. Most of these where shot in the space of a day.

Hope you enjoy.



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